1. #2 Home heating fuel
    #2 Home heating fuel
    Delivery. Current cash price is $2.399 per gallon. (100g min.)
  2. Kerosene
    Delivery. Current cash price is $2.999 per gallon. (100g min.)
  3. Off Road & On Road Diesel
    Off Road & On Road Diesel
    On site
  4. Wood Pellets
    Wood Pellets
    On site pick up. $250 per ton or $5 per bag
  5. LP Gas
    LP Gas
    On site pick up only at this time
  6. Budget contracts.
    Budget contracts.
    We can help you budget your fuel with 10 or 12 monthly payments.
  7. Maintenance Agreement
    Maintenance Agreement
    We offer a burner contract that covers your furnace cleaning and issues that may arise with the burner portion of your furnace.
  8. Lawn Care
    Lawn Care
    In the warmer months, we offer lawn care services. Mowing, spring and fall clean up. We also carry loam and gravel.
  9. Automatic Delivery
    Automatic Delivery
    Call to be set up on automatic delivery.
  10. Pro Chock
    Pro Chock
    Automatic wheel chocking system. For more information, call or email.
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